Sep 24, 2020

Thursday September 24th ~

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking 
new landscapes, but in having new eyes...

 We keep busy, and seems like Sniff also enjoys being a
 part of this so called "busy"  Whatever we do, he's
 always around to "lend" a helping "hand".

My walk is already completed.  As my sister says, thank 
goodness you have not been kidnapped.   Yesterday my sister
 Nirvana updated us as to a string of kidnappings going on.  Have
 not seen or heard anything so for now I cannot say it's true.

It was a misty morning, but still a good walk.  I enjoy
 this quiet time alone.  I wonder why I didn't do it more
 often back home in Fort Lauderdale.  That's going to change
when we get back home.  I don't miss home as yet.  Neither
 does Arvid, but... Home is home and soon 😍who knows.

Today we hope the maintenance man from the building
 comes.  The sliding doors need a little fixing.   Hurricane Maria 
caused a little damage, but so far nothing has been taken care of. 
 Waiting for insurance to kick in, and when that did, COVID
 happened.  No one was allowed to come into the units.  
Slowly but surely, things are starting to get fixed.

We are after all on island time.  Yesterday Arvid was driving erratically.  
I told him to be a little more careful, he looked at me and said, 
"I am puerto rican now."  And so begins our Thursday.

Here everyday is Happy Hour time. 
 Cheers to all and a good day.

Always take the scenic route.  Life is short.
  Find what makes you happy.  Sunsets and palm trees...🌴