May 28, 2021

Friday May 28th ~

 Never measure your progress using someone else's ruler...

So yesterday Arvid and I went into San Juan.  As usual 
an unplanned trip.  Arvid got a call and next thing you 
know we are taking off.  Sure does not give me time
 to get ready properly, but I used to it so all is good.

We met up with a friend.  Had coffee and a little 
social time. Always nice to get out and meet people. 
Who knew we would know so many people
 in Puerto Rico in such a short time.

Friday. Balcony time and moon gazing time 
later this evening. The moon has been spectacular
 these last few days. Blood moon as it’s called,
 and from the balcony we have a perfect view.

We have been waking up to sunny mornings, 
but the rain always comes. Seems like it
 has rained a lot since we came here. 

Also the seaweed has become a big problem. 
A stinky one that is  The water is full of seaweed and 
the smell carries everywhere.  Not too pleasant.

Not much planned for today. Did my morning 
walk. Enjoyed my quiet time and now to enjoy 
the rest of my coffee. Soon Arvid will be up 
and you never know what the day can hold.

This afternoon we will probably go for a walk
 along the park and beach. Looking forward to seeing
 Beachboy who by the way is named Tiger 🐈

 He “belongs” to to Marina at El Conquistador. 
At least he gets good and shelter everyday.  Yay!
 Unlike the so many roaming around the island.

Sniff is good. He’s been acting up a little again. 
He’s not eating his foodies like he should, but I am
 not stressing it.  That’s what I tell myself. He’s healthy. 
He’s loved he has food and shelter.  Sniff is my
 happy place.  Happy Friday everyone.

Never let the sadness of your past, and the fear of 
your future, ruin the happiness of your present...