May 30, 2021

Sunday May 30th ~

 Sundays, sleep until you're hungry,
 then eat until you're sleepy...

No walk today, even though I want to just get
 out to feed the kitties I don't.  I feel that by feeding
 them twice a day I may not be doing them good in the
 long run.  They need to find their own food after all.  
One day I won't be here, and then what 😿?

I was still awake early.  Enjoyed quiet time
 just relaxing, having my cafe and reading. 
 Both Arvid and Sniff like to sleep in.

Once Sniff is awake he wants foodies 😍and he 
"demands" brushing.  Of course I brush him.  He's
 just too adorable for me to refuse him anything.

To all a good day.  Beautiful sunshine awaits us.

Memorial weekend in full swing here.  Families having 
a good time, thanks to those who gave their lives.

We don't know them all but we owe them all...