May 7, 2021

Friday May 7th ~

 I've learned over and over that life happens on its own terms, not mine...

Yesterday at Walgreens one of the technicians 
working  with administering the Covid vaccine was not
 taking chances.  He was all geared up as if going war.  
He was wearing a lot of extra protection.  You can never 
be too careful these days I guess, 😱also when you're 
waiting for hours everything becomes more noticeable.

Both Arvid and I received our second vaccine yesterday. 
 As of right now my arm feels very heavy, little hot and a
little sore to touch.  Arvid still asleep so I'm guessing he is 
also experiencing some of that, though he will say he's not.

Now we are gearing up to travel.  In Florida, governor 
DeSantis says that no vaccine is needed to board a cruise ship.
  Norwegian Cruise Lines said, "fine, in that case we will no 
longer come into Florida."  Who know what happens next.

The drive to "my" Walgreens is always "treacherous"
 and "scenic."  Always expect the unexpected.  Such as huge 
holes in the road.  Even though Arvid knows where 
most are, yesterday a few new ones appeared.

Driving in Puerto Rico is an everyday adventure.  
You never know what the other driver will do.  If Arvid is 
constantly being surprised by their maneuvers, then you know 
it has to be "special," and yes very dangerous at times.

I had my morning walk and of all things I saw ShyBoy 
chasing Pooper.  Pooper was so scared, he ran up in a tree.  
Pooper is two times the size of ShyBoy, but so "quiet."

It's a gorgeous sunny and warm day in Puerto Rico.  It's warm
 and sunny just about everyday.  Always the perfect temperature.
  Happy Friday all and to all great start of the weekend 🌴.

Una cosa es perdonar y otra muy diferente volver a confiar...