May 13, 2021

Thursday May 13th ~

 Don't be afraid to share your story.  It could be
 the key that unlocks someone else's prison...

My second vaccine was on May 6th.  On May 9th 
I started to have lots of aches.  I don't know why, but hope 
 it's because of the vaccine, a side effect or something, 
but come Monday May 10th I was in a lot of pain.

  My left arm hurt like hell.  Not the usual pain, intense. 
 Intramuscular  It's the arm I had both vaccine shots on. 
 From my shoulders and up the pain has been consistent,
 and worse from the middle of the day on.  Tylenol helps
 a little, but yesterday it felt as if I was just about to die. 

 My heart rate accelerated a million beats an hour. 
 Felt like that.  My head felt like it would explode any
 minute, and when I stood up everything went black.  I 
was dizzy as hell.  This lasted for a long time.  Scared 
the living daylights out of me.  I don't handle pain well.

Right now all I feel is aches everywhere.  Should be 
getting better any day now.  Still has not stopped me 
from my walks, but I have to say I have been much 
slower and out of breath. A lot out of breath 😕.

Kitties have to eat, and I sure love the morning walks.
  Peaceful.  Just me, the kitties, the birds, sunrises and
 sometimes someone else walking.  yesterday I met Stacey. 

 We have crossed paths many a times, but aside from good
 morning we didn't have much conversations. She listens to 
music as she walks.  I listen to the sounds around me.

Stacey is from Arizona and she and her husband decided to
 move permanently to Puerto Rico after one visit.  She said
 she has lived in many other Caribbean locations, but
 when she came to PR she just knew this was it.

In my family all my sisters and spouses have been 
vaccinated.  The only two left are Sachin who already has an
 appointment and Lilly Vade who is just 13 years old.  Lilly
 has an appointment for her first vaccine on Saturday.

Hopefully soon all the family in Norway will 
also be vaccinated.  They say the vaccine works.
  Let's just say I am vaccinated because it makes 
everyone feel safer and more at ease. 

 I have nothing against the vaccine, and based on the
 numbers of Covid cases daily, it looks like it's working 
to slow down this pandemic, and that's what matters.  
Soon life/restrictions should begin to taper off.

Good day to all.  Time is flying by.  Arvid and I 
will be grandparents for the third time come November 2021.  
We already have 2 granddaughters, and are hoping for a grandson,
 but it does not matter boy or girl, he/she is already loved.

Sniff is my happy place. He makes everything better and I love him.

You may be tired and exhausted, but you 
woke up today.  Someone else didn't...