May 24, 2021

Monday Blues ~

Don't ever make yourself so important to
 any other person that they can't live without
 you or you can't live without them...

Someone is missing her home.  Wonder who  that could be?  

Not much going on.  saw a few things online that caught my attention.

Having the Monday blues of all things.  Seems like I
 am having daily blues lately.  I wonder why

Drove around the beach a little yesterday after dinner. 
 Sailboat is soon out of the picture. I would say definitely out.

Walked this morning hoping Fluffy would be in his spot
 waiting for me and for his foodies.  He was not there.
  The last time I fed him was Friday morning.  Telling 
yourself to not get attached does not work 😿

Monday.  New week and time to make plans for it.  
Wishing everyone a great productive one.

Monday can either be the start to a struggle week,
 or a fresh reminder that this week, you will be strong...