May 22, 2021

Saturday May 22nd ~

 Be the reason someone believes 
in the goodness of people...

I am so torn between wanting to go back home and
 knowing that when we do, and wondering what will become
 of the kitties I feed.  And yes, they can survive in the wild, but 
now that I have gotten to know many I feel as if they 
won't.  Little MacGyver, growing stronger every day

Reshma officially graduated yesterday.  It was lived stream
 and Arvid and I saw some of it.  We waited until Reshma showed up. 
 Cheered her and made us happy.  She's officially entered into the 
world of grown up, even though she has been in it for years.

Sniff is sleeping in late again.  No surprise here.  
Today he is all covered up on the bed.  Sniff loves towels and 
blankets everywhere.  Our home  is full of them everywhere
   Every chair, sofa everywhere has a sheet or towel 😂.

The boat is officially sinking.  Either the owners know 
nothing as yet, or they have really good insurance.  Who knows 
maybe they got tired of boating, or just want a new boat.

Saturday.  The pay is looking good and possibilities abound.

So much of life, it seems to me,
 is determined by pure randomness...