Aug 23, 2021

Black Monday / Week Begins August 23rd

 I'm unsure which pain is worse the shock 
of what happened or the ache for what never will...

As the new week begins, I am filled with despair,
 anger, frustration and a lot of why? why? why?

I was told that starting this week "my" kitties,
 the strays I feed will be trapped, sent to a shelter
 where they will definitely be euthanized.

Puerto Rico is not where I want to be anymore.
I want to go back home to Florida, because I cannot bear 
the thought of going for my morning walks anymore 
knowing my kitties will no longer be there.  

Their days are numbered, and hopefully so are ours
 in Fajardo, the dumping spot for your pets 😢💔

A thousand moments I had taken for granted,
mostly because I assumed there would be more...