Aug 7, 2021

Saturday August 7th ~

 Everyday is a good day,  just some days are better...

Yesterday Arvid gets a call from a guy he knows in
 Fort Lauderdale. He is visiting Puerto Rico and is 
thinking of maybe moving here permanently.

Next thing I know, Arvid says he will be 
showing Dave around.  I didn’t want to go, 
but did agree to meet them for lunch. 

Dave is a non stop talker.  He knew everyone 
and everything.  Reminded us of a few people we
 know 😱, even so it was an entertaining time.

I also learnt a brand  new expression (for me it's
 new)  It’s called catfishing.  Of course this also 
made me laugh because I do know a few people who
 when you see their online profile it's NOTHING 
compared to what they look like in real life😂.  

As Arvid said, “our nephew J knows all about this."  
He experienced it first hand.  J was the one who 
first mentioned it to Arvid a while back.

Seems like these women touch up their pictures 
so much that when you do meet, it’s as if
  you’re meeting a totally different person.

Dave said that many online profiles are this way
  Facebook, dating apps etc.  I also know a few people
 like this   Their profile picture and the real them is 
like night and day.  They're some people I have 
no clue what they look like without makeup.

I love all the Apps that can edit pictures and
 stuff, but when it starts to get too unrealistic
 then something is definitely wrong here. 

 It's like how can a person look the same way 
today as they did 5-10 years ago.  Face totally
 smooth to the point it's really shiny.  Not a single
 wrinkle,  that is until you see them in real time.
  Dave really made me laugh😂 yesterday.

Another warm day here.  Arvid is back to 
checking the daily cases of Covid.  Not so 
good right now.  It's starting all over again.

A very good friend of ours back home in Florida 
has been tested positive for this new strain.  He's
 vaccinated, but at the same time he is in his 80's.

A happy day to all.  Arvid and I do enjoy our balcony time.

At the end of the day, I am thankful my 
blessings are bigger than my problems...