Aug 16, 2021

Monday Vibes~ August 16th

 Small positive changes to your morning 
routine can transform your entire day...

August is halfway done already 😱 the days are
 going by very fast.  Too fast.  That mean also that our 
time in Puerto Rico is getting shorter and shorter.  

When I think of this I am very sad because I 
picture fourteen cats 🐈 waiting for me. Waiting 
patiently for food and treats, and it hurts. 

 I keep telling myself that they survived before me and
 will survive after me.  I have given them all an extra 
advantage so I’m sure that will be beneficial also.

Meanwhile here at home the “storm” is brewing.  
The winds, the rain and the gloomy skies don't see
 them as yet.  At least not the rain. Sniff gets a little
 scared runs off, but is back before you know it.

I miss my family.  I miss my mom and dad. 
 Back in Florida it was just a drive, but now it’s a 
LONG plane ride, and with all this new COVID 
crap, I won’t be doing any traveling for now.

I was going to a wedding in Fort Lauderdale in 
October but, not sure I will anymore.  Would have 
been nice to see everyone, but safety first.

I was also going to California at the end of
 August, but that has also been rescheduled.  Now I’m
 not sure about that either  sure was looking forward
 to seeing Rima and family 🤭. he last time we 
were in California was 2019😢  Too long

J is still in Colombia working remotely.  Kimsy 
is in Washington, D.C.  Gabsy is currently visiting
 my parents in North Carolina.  A very happy time for
 all of them.  Gabsy is the hippie of our family💙.

Wishing everyone a great start of the new week.
  In the island it's time to track the storms.  Just as 
we did in Florida.  In Florida we had the option
 of taking off to a hotel somewhere else, here
  this option does not look so good for us.

Seize the day, then let it go...