Aug 20, 2021

Friday ~ Still Angry

 Knowing your own darkness is the best method 
for dealing with the darknesses of other people....

I really don't feel OK.  I am so very angry.
  Angry because no one really cares.  I have tried so
 many venues to make my voice heard, but at the
 end of the day it is the same. Nothing happens.

 No one gives a damm if anything happens to any 
of these kitties.  Not only here within our complex, 
but in the entire island.  Their lives mean nothing. 

 I have even called the cops to report that someone is
 poisoning "my" kitties.  He came.  He was polite, very
 nice, but can't do anything unless I saw who did it. 

In the mean time, I wake up every morning with
 the fear that I may see another of "my" kitties dead
 from poisoning.  I will keep trying to see if anyone
 listens.  Not going to give up on this, on them.

In the meantime, we are having hot beautiful days.
  We continue to do our walks.  I have not met 2 other
 kitties I feed.  I call on Blackie, she's black of course, 
and the white one is called Chiquita.  Now they know  me 
and I have given them a bowl for food and one for water.
  Which I refill every time we pass by their spot.

Sniff is calming and relaxing.  Brushing him takes
 away some of my stress, and makes me happy.

The weekend begins on a somber note for me.  I'm 
still affected by the deaths of Spotify and Taino.  I know 
life goes on, but it does not make it any less painful.

The depth of darkness to which you can descend 
and still live is an exact measure of the height 
to which you can aspire to reach...