Aug 26, 2021

Black Thursday In My Heart ~ August 26th

 Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath...

It's  not a good day for me.  Not today not yesterday, 
but I have had difficult times before, and I know better than 
many that time has a way of taking away the brunt of 
the grief.  But right now my heart is grieving.

Tomorrow is another day.  At least today no other kitty
 was found dead.  Yesterday I found baby chewed up
 by dogs, but when I went walking this morning to feed the
 remaining ones, Baby was there she came to me and for 
the first time ever I was able to pet her for a while.

When I saw Baby I knew right away that "my"
 Poo Poo was the one attacked by the dogs.  Yesterday I was 
grieving baby.  Now I grieve for Poo.  He was a big boy,
 but so gentle.  he was dad to Taino, Rocco, WhitePaws, 
Spotify and Rascal.  Just like all  the kitties, I loved Poo

I am completely crushed and fed up with living in
 Fajardo, Puerto Rico.   My heart can't take any more of it.

No one can truly understand the bond we form with our
 cats we love until they experience the loss of one...