Aug 31, 2021

Tuesday August 31st ~

 A positive attitude will lead to positive outcomes...

The day is looking to be very sunny and very warm.
  Yes, another very beautiful day here in Puerto Rico. 
 I woke up, am having my coffee and watching Sniff 
sleep.  Yeah, many things to be grateful for 😍. 

I have not been out walking in the afternoons for over a week.
  Not that I haven't done my share during the day, but I was
 so down that even when Arvid asked I would say no.  

Little by little I will start to refocus and accept that there 
are certain things that you can't really mess with nor change.

Pretty soon I have to find a laboratory here in Fajardo.  Time
 for more blood work and endocrinologist.  Life goes on, and 
we have to take care of business.  Today I will definitely go
 walking with Arvid.  It's one of our favorite times of the day.

Good morning everyone.  May this day bring us all happy times.

Our attitude towards life determines life's attitude towards us...