Jun 23, 2023

Friday June 23rd~

Do the hard jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves...

 Morning is here and I am recharging for another long
 day ahead of us.  Ever since we got here at Almost Home many 
changes have taken place.  One always hopes for the best.

We have already hired a new maintenance man and we are in 
the process of doing the same for the front desk/office manager.  

This is our third Friday at Almost Home.  The last two 
we were just too tired to do much more than come home, 
shower, watch some TV, sleep and get ready to do the same the 
next day.  Nothing is different today, but we always say, "today 
we will definitely do something.  Just the two of us."

Arvid and I really enjoy quiet time alone with each other and
 after a week of hearing people talking and listening to everyone's
 clash of  personalities we look forward to being all alone. 

A good day to all.   I remember when the weekends were 
approaching how excited I was to see what it holds.  Today
 I am still looking forward to it, but we also work some of it.

The best preparation for good work
 tomorrow is to do good work today...