Jun 14, 2023

Wednesday June 14th~

 Some days the world is too loud for a quiet soul...

My nephew J is all over South America these days.  He was
 living in Colombia and working from home.  He and his girlfriend 
just moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and will be there for a few months. 
 Luckily both are able to work for home.  From there he is slowly checking 
out other parts.  Just the other day they spent the weekend in Uruguay.
To be young and to just navigate the world.  Living life 😍

 The week is already half way done.  My wild life friends are 
getting very friendly.  Not sure this is so good, but on the other hand
 I think it's mainly with me.  My Gerald's (groundhogs) are afraid 
of the deers.  I now have 3 deer friends coming consistently.

Sniff's idea of a busy day consists of bird watching, naps, 
running like a maniac around the house and more naps. 
 His days are pure leisure.  Already missing those days.

A few days ago I/we were happy about being busy. 
 Today I am rethinking this.  I like being busy, but we 
are getting too old for this 😂  Good day to all.

Be the kind of person who can make the best of anything...