Jun 24, 2023

Saturday June 24th ~

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going...

A short day at work today.  Happy about that, and hopefully
 nothing "unexpected" happens, but on the other hand just about
 everything that happens has a touch of the "unexpected"

Yesterday was a long day, but it was productive and a lot 
was accomplished.  Arvid and I expect the people working for us
 to be as hard working as we are.  I think we expect too much.  

Lately my patience level has been almost non existent.
  Today I had to tell the maintenance man that he spends too 
much time talking and doing absolutely NOTHING!

When Arvid and I work we just work with no breaks an 
stopping in between.  We both even forget to drink something
 during the day.  We don't expect anyone else to work this way, 
well maybe I do, but that will never happen.  Unless people
 are told what needs to be done NOTHING gets done.

We are back to fully running Almost Home.  
That I don't mind, for now because as long as it's not 
permanent we will both do and give everything we
 have to bring it up back to the way we had it.

Saturday.  Definitely hoping it will be a short day.
  Good day to all and may your day be peaceful and relaxing.
  As they say, either you run the day or the day runs you.

It's not the size of the dog in the fight,
 but the size of the fight in the dog...