Jun 22, 2023

Thursday June 22nd~

 If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time...

Even though we go in to work everyday, I still manage
 to make lunch so that we can eat at home.  I start early
 in the mornings and finish it up when we get home
 for lunch.   I have a window of half an hour if so
 long to finish up lunch.  We're both hungry 😂.  

Today I have not made anything for lunch.  We plan on
 checking out a place recommended by one of our tenants. 
 The grilled cheese sandwich is supposed to be amazing, and I
 plan on trying it, that is if we don't change our minds and 
go elsewhere.  At least today I don't cook.  Nice break.

The days are beautiful.  Weather is great and lately
 we have been running from one hotel to another. 
 Arvid and I are also part owners of a second
 hotel here in Branson.  Called the View.  

It a very distinctive building.  Very hard to miss. 
 It's really cute and looks like a castle.

My "baby" is and will always be Almost Home, but I am
 wanting to run it on a daily basis.  For now whatever needs to be 
done we are helping with.  Sniff is getting a little neglected.  He still 
gets brushing and playtime, but now everything is more rushed.

A long day awaits us again, but the end result is worth it. 
 My day always begins on a beautiful note. 

If you don't build your dream,
 someone will hire you to build theirs...