Jun 11, 2023

Sunday June 11th~

The price of doing the same old thing
 is far higher than the price of change...

 Seems like Arvid and I have a knack of ending up always at 
Almost Home whenever we're in Branson.  Once again we are back,
 but this time only as owners/investors protecting their investment. 
 We are "helping" out for now and it sure feels good.  Especially
 since we are not there for the entire day.  Just a few hours in the
a day.  Gives us something to do. We are rearranging everything.

Sundays are usually relaxing days.  Today we will go in to
 "work" at Almost Home just like we have been doing all week. 
 For the rest of June we have a "job"  How good is that?  Looking
 forward to this all over again, but just temporarily for now.

Sniff is now home alone for most of the day.  I'm sure he sleeps
 through the day and once we're home he comes out of "hibernation" 
 We still have cuddle time in the evenings when we watch TV.

Back to working 7 days a week, the good thing is that this 
time around it's a little better than the last time.  Once again we 
have to get the place in shape.  Almost Home is full, what's needed
 is some guidance and a lot of "meanness" form me.  Seems like I
 have to train the staff how to kick people out and I am loving it.
 What no one realizes, is that we are loving being busy again.

All in a days work.  So far my "tactic" has worked.  No one 
wants to be kicked out, so somehow they manage to make their 
payments.  All's good that ends good.  Today is a paperwork day.  To
 all a good day.  Enjoy your Sunday relax, and rest up for Monday.

I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours...