Jun 26, 2023

Monday Again ~

The light at the end of the tunnel is well
 worth the journey it took to get there...

As the new week begins I am ready to tackle it and make
 it an amazing one.  Arvid and I have a goal in mind and we are
 working very hard to make sure we do not have to take back 
Almost Home Lodge.  If this means I work seven days a 
week, then so be it.  I am visualizing the end line.

I feel as if I am neglecting Sniff even though I give him brushing,
 playtime and lots of love when we get home in the evenings.  
I love him so much that I am already stressing about him 
being alone, and I am already missing him so very much.

I have great expectations for this week and I will be doing my best 
to make it happen.  Good morning and a good day/week to all.

If you need something to believe in, start with yourself...