Jun 8, 2023

Thursday June 8th~

I'm too young to be old and too old to be young...

 Yesterday we were at Almost Home.  I finally met Tyson. 
 He roams the property, drops into the neighbors unit, uses their litter
 pan and takes off.  He's also know to have "sleepovers" with another
 kitty on the property.  Everyone loves him, and I met him 
just yesterday and I can see why.  He's a character.

Today I am a little more tired than usual.  Guess a little 
exercise does a body good, at least that's what they say😂

Sniff and I are up and about already.  Everyone has been fed.
  My deer friends have already been here and they still are.  They really 
like the corn I bought for them.  Makes me happy to see them.

Today we have a busy day and we're happy for that.
  Nothing like getting the adrenaline pumping.  Sure 
feels good even if by the end of the day we are tired.

Good morning everyone wishing you a happy day and may
 it be a productive one for you as well.  All is here and with a
 sunrise like this, I know the day is filled with promises.

Don't do your best, do whatever it takes.  You can
 get whatever it has if you can give whatever it takes...