Jan 19, 2024

Friday January 20th ~

 Happiness is having 'you are my sunshine' 
by my side. Life is always brighter with you...

Walking on sunshine... NOT so fast buddy, 
but coming around slowly.  Happy times😎

Yesterday was one of those very good times with family. 
 My sisters are loud happy women.  With them you cannot help but
 laugh all the time.  I would love one day if both of our families can 
be together like this.  I know my family already loves my Norwegian
 family💓  It would be interesting to see us all mingle together. 

We started out at my mom and dad's and from there we went 
to the bar for happy hour. I'm more the Sangria type.  My sisters 
like Margaritas.  We all loved the raspberry Cosmo, and the wine
 was not bad at all.  Arvid stuck to beer.  Not too adventurous at
all, but we had a blast.  Hopefully everyone remembers😂

Today we plan on doing more of the same,  Fun times. 
 Arvid to me, "I can't drink everyday you know." 

Here at home it's quiet.  Just Sniff and I in "our" room.  
This second bedroom or more like my office and Sniff's room
 is like a little sanctuary.  I am awake early every morning and
 this is where we retreat to.  I'm an early (maybe too early) riser.

Family unity is not about being on the same page 
at the same time, it's about being in the same 
book working toward the same ending...