Jan 3, 2024

Wednesday January 3rd ~

Every morning, the rising sun invites 
and inspires us to begin again... 

 The New Year so far has brought us beautiful sunrises.  
Today's did not disappoint either.  If only life were that simple. 
 In all of life's beauty there always lurks darkness.

I woke up grateful, and I just hope today is a better day than yesterday.

If you face the rising Sun, you face forward. The rising 
sun gives you the hints to make the day great 😎.

To all a very good day.  Don't forget to stop and watch the 
sunrise, for every sunrise holds a promise.  Sniff is a witness to that. 
 Here he was waking up to a Missouri sunrise and to our wildlife
 friends.  He does exactly the same here at home in Florida.

Every day a million miracles begin at sunrise...