Jan 25, 2024

Thursday January 25th ~

Some call it a vacation; I call it home.
 😎 Living that Florida life...

 Yesterday was fairly a quiet day. I "gave" my mom and 
dad some time alone to do a few things on their own.  We all 
need alone time.  I love mine, and I know they do as well. 

 Arvid and I spent a good deal of the day cleaning up.
 We’ve had a water leak in our basement/storage unit.  
A lot of work 🥶 Our apartment looks bombed again.
On a totally different note, but as I always say
 " still one of the most beautiful places"

Today mom and dad are taking us out to lunch. We go
 downtown.  We took them to this restaurant last year. 
Now they want take us.  No complaints here. Looking
 forward to another beautiful day.  same as yesterday.

Yesterday we had a beautiful and warm day. Arvid
 and I enjoyed a good walk. The first in weeks.  As always we
 keep wondering when the marina will be back up and running.
  As usual I also fed the birds and squirrels.  I actually have to really
 look to find squirrels.  Always very happy when I do. Today 
will be another warm and perfect Florida day🌴

Sniff and I are awake early.  He's had his brushing and 
some playtime.  He refuses to eat as usual, but is now on his 
heating bed though it's not as cold a day today.  He loves
 it in the early hours of the mornings.  Nice and toasty.

If there is anything that can cause tension in a relationship, 
it's family.  Be it my family or Arvid's.  Does not matter, especially 
when you are doing something you don't really want to do 😂
 culture clash = some pretty tense times for all involved.

Every man's ability may be strengthened or increased by culture...