Jan 17, 2024

Wednesday January 17th ~

 Life is made up of unforgettable moments...

I always thought that those who only talked about the
 weather were just downright boring people with nothing 
better to do.  Well! I find myself doing the same.  

It's just that living in Florida it's always a constant warmth, 
so when we have been experiencing this "weird" change it's all 
we can talk about.  I now have a better understanding for those 
who live in cold climates.  I now understand why talking 
about the weather is a main part of their conversation. 

On a lighter note, Arvid has been "training" Sniff
 to watch National Geographic.  So far Arvid has watched 
most of it on his own.  On the other hand, as I mentioned a 
while back, Sniff enjoys a little "action" in his shows. 
 He really enjoyed watching John Wick with me 😂

A little more weather woes around the nation.  It's COLD!

Yesterday this was not looking like no Sunshine State.  
We have not seen the sun in weeks almost, but as many
 would say, "at least it's warm."  Yes, it's wet and warm.

Looking forward to a better day today. 
 No matter what the day brings forth, I am always 
grateful to be able to spend it with family.

In the journey of life, it's the good times that 
make the best stories.  Let the good times roll...