Jan 13, 2024

Saturday January 13th ~

I love to shop. No decision should
 be made on an empty shopping bag...

 Yesterday was a very good day for all of us.  
We had some time at the mall.  Did a little window 
shopping and my mom and I ended up with a little 
something.  Makes mall outings even more fun.

Come  five o'clock we were all ready for happy hour. 
 Max also joined us.  It was a very good time.

Another cold front is coming our way.  This has been quite the haul.
  Many cold days accompanied by rain.  yesterday we actually had rain.  Good
 for the drought, but not so nice when you're walking from place to place.

Sniff is doing good.  Still loving his heating bed, and also many 
other parts of the condo.  He has a special spot everywhere.

It's ugly outside.  For a change it's raining.  Need the 
rain not liking the rain.  It's a very windy and grey day here. 
 Not going anywhere.  It's a stay at home kinda day.  

 At the end of the day, life is too short to worry...