Jan 8, 2024

Monday January 8th ~

It's a new week.  It's a new day.  Means new possibilities...

January is already breezing and freezing away.  Before we
 know it the month will be over, and 2024 will speed 
away from us, but for now we just enjoy each day.

I am happy because my parents are visiting.  The arrived on
 Friday and I look forward to spending lots of time with them.  
For all I know this may be the last year they come.  That drive
 is getting a little more difficult with each passing year.

We are still having some chilly mornings.  I know NOTHING 
compared to what many are experiencing right now, but if
 you live in Florida you will know what I'm talking about.  
Florida is The Sunshine State, not the winter state 😂

Mom and dad have been here since Friday.  Arvid and
 my dad took off on Friday evening for happy hour.  Without 
my mom and I 😂  Yesterday we all went to a favorite of 
ours for dinner.  It's good to have them in Florida💚

 Don't start your day with the broken pieces 
of yesterday. Every day is a fresh start...