Jan 28, 2024

Sunday January 28th ~

Memories are the key not to the past, but to
 the future. At every phase in our life, we make 
memories that we cherish all our lives...

 Friday evening Arvid and I managed to make it to downtown.  
Stopped at one of our favorite spots, walked around and as usual
we ended up at the pizza place.  It was a perfect evening.

Last night I got to see many aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids. 
 That part I really enjoyed.  The rest of the people I did not know. 
 I could have done without the speeches, but it was not my call. 

Here at home all is good.  Sniff Sniff makes me happy. 
 I really do not like being away from him.  After Brutus died,
 everything changed.  I'm already stressing about leaving
 him to go to Norway this summer.  A good day to all.

You can walk out of this house, but you always 
return home.  Home is where the heart is...