Jan 23, 2024

Tuesday January 23rd~

 You can close your eyes to reality but not to memories...

 Nivana, Mala and Rima are already back at their homes.  Nina
 and David are still here and will see them today.  It was a brief, 
 packed and intense visit, but as Michelle said to us yesterday via 
Facetime, "I'm sure it was a very good time."  That it was.  

Yesterday we had a long nice time with Michelle and 
the girls.  Before we knew it we were chatting for almost 
an hour and a half.  Would have been longer had Amelia
 not gotten hungry.  Always good to see them and hear their 
voices.  Of course Sniff was jealous and was very close by.

Back to what it should be in Florida.  Warm and sunshine peeking out.

Though my sisters didn't stay with us, I can feel the quietness 
now that they are not here.  Always like this when we leave or they
 leave.  Same when we go to Norway, there is a sadness as you leave,
 but then life takes over and you're back to your routines.  It was 
brief and good.  We made memories, and they will last forever.

Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future...