Jun 17, 2012


Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one..

There is something about Sunday's that sets it apart from the other days. Granted everyday is a good day, but come Sunday it seems we are in complete relax mode and we go at a slower pace. If you knew Arvid and I, you will know that this is not usual. We are always on the move and it makes for a nice change once in a while. The slow pace is just for a few hours in the morning, and then it's back on the move. Truth be known I don't think either of us will have it any other way.  For us being on the move is fun, it's just how we live.

Normally I get up before Arvid, play with Brutus, have my cafe and do a little reading. So peaceful and quiet. Once Arvid is awake, well then things change a bit. He then has to play with Brutus, drink a bottle of water and walk around a bit to become fully alert and awake. This is the same for him everyday:)

This has been another good weekend so far. Friday night we went to House of Blues. Enjoyed some good music and some good food. Arvid also enjoyed a few drinks making him a tiny bit slower on Saturday morning, nothing a soccer game and a good breakfast did not take care of. Delayed breakfast that is. After that is was on the move again. Out for lunch it was and a bit of shopping made for a good Saturday as well.

Today's plans include more walking around the city. Maybe Home Depot. This is about a 45 minute walk one way. We both like to walk, good exercise after all and I know I can use it:) normally Arvid calls his family on Sundays but that he did yesterday so the way I see it it's a good time to get him involved in planning a vacation. Right now the only place I want to go on vacation is to California.

I lived there and it's been a long long time since I have been back. I have the California itch and I would love to once again visit the place that was once home to me. Arvid is actually keen also on going to California. I would love to start in LA, and hopefully drive to San Francisco seeing many places in between. Will see how it goes, but one thing I know is that sooner or later it will happen because Arvid knows it will make me happy, and I know Arvid....

Time is flying by. Soon it will be time to go to Norway, but for now we will enjoy today and our life here in Chicago. The day is full of promise and we have a lot to do. Hope your day is also a good one.

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing...

Until next time