Jun 14, 2012


Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own...

I know her as Molly.  She is Arvid's mom and she just turned 84 years on June 11th.   The first time we met was in 2000 when Arvid first took me to Norway.  He and I had just met only a few months before, but he was all excited to introduce me to his parents.

From the start I liked them and I have to say I never received anything but kindness from both.  Molly is like no other 84 year old I know.  She is super active and joins all kinds of groups whenever possible.

She is part of a seniors club, a dance club and many others I don't even know about.  She became a widow a few years ago and instead of giving up on life she made up her mind to take life in full swing.  She travels and she does everything she likes.  She even has a new man in her life.

On her birthday she told us she was not feeling so great.  Nothing unusual.  Many older folks complain all the time, but today we just got a call from Arvid's brother.  Their mother is in the hospital.  So far no alarm bells are sounding.

We have plans to go to Norway in July, but I told Arvid we should definitely consider going earlier so that we can be there for her in case she needs some help.  So far Arvid says we will wait and see how it goes.  He is right, but I know if either of my parents were in the hospital I would definitely find myself right next to them.  Norway on the other hand is much further.

Hopefully it will not be anything serious.  Arvid's mother is the anchor of that family.  She is kind to everyone.  My parents love her and always ask for her, even invited her to their home in NC.

I am hoping nothing serious is going on.  Yes she is old, but she is also one of the healthiest of persons I know.

Your never know how much they care until you are under the weather.

until next time..