Jun 24, 2012


Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world...?

Yesterday as Arvid and I were doing a little pub hopping, we found ourselves at Bennigans.  There he ordered a drink and I had my usual cafe while playing a few games on my IPhone.  We were both happy.

At the table we noticed this tiny little screen.  Which tuned out to be The Ziosk. The Ziosk enhances the dining experience by complementing rather than replacing the server.  You get self-service when you want it and full restaurant service the rest of the time. For example, when you are ready to pay or want another round of drinks, it is convenient to take care of it yourself on the Ziosk.

However, if you want your steak medium with sweet potato fries instead of regular fries and your salad dressing on the side, it is more convenient to place your order with a real person.  So the Ziosk gives you the best of both worlds.

Restaurants can increase sales and guest satisfaction while decreasing costs with the pay-at-the-table and digital promotion capabilities of the Ziosk.
They can also increase increase guest satisfaction by eliminating guests' frustrations with waiting to pay, makes it easy for customers to just order dessert or that extra drink without having to look for the server and best of all within minutes your order is at your table.  
Satisfied customers tend to also tip more and higher tip averages are seen in restaurants with Ziosk. 

It makes everything so much more efficient and easier by using the  Ziosk, and you also eliminate printing costs of traditional table tents.

If you should get bored for whatever reason, there are also many games you can play on these Ziosk.  The cost is $ 0.99 and you can play all night long from the many selection to choose from.  Something I have not done, but who knows....

Next time you're out at your favorite restaurant, check and see if they are already using The Ziosk!
Enjoy your day everyone:)

What is so brilliant about the gadgets is their simplicity...

until next time