Jan 2, 2013

Being Himself...

I may be different, but I'm always me...

The New year was brought in with a bang.
That was great.  We were out listening to music and together with many others we watched the ball drop from Times Square.  So far so good.

Seated beside us were two couples and a single woman who it seems was VERY interested in Arvid.  He seemed more scared than anything else.  At least that was what he said.  Hmmm....

This lady was always dropping something by our table so that she could then get close to the table and to Arvid.  Being Arvid he just ignored her.  So bad.
Finally I said to him, "I think she likes you."  He looks at me and says, "I know."
I was of course having a good time just watching and waiting to what would happen.  Did not have to wait long. At the stroke of midnight the lady came over to wish us a Happy New Year.   First she kissed me.  Then she turned to Arvid.  He was her goal.  She got to him and as she leaned over to kiss him he says, "that's not necessary."

For me this is typical Arvid.  Unique, different, but always himself.
The lady was a little taken back, but just looked at him and moved away.  Of course I was laughing and of course this got him a little mad, but hey it was the New Year and it started out well.  That is until I woke up and realized I have the flu!  Did not stop me from seeing my mom and dad and spending a few hours with them while Arvid recovered from the celebration of the night before.

The next couple of months are looking busy, something we like very much.  My mom always tells us that she does not know how we manage to do all the things we do.  Seems like our lifestyle is always very fast paced.  We like it and we enjoy it.  So far it looks like the start of a very promising year.
Hope it is for us and for all of you as well.

 You may laugh because I'm different but I laugh because you're all the same!
Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else...