Jan 27, 2013

Happy Sunday All...

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things...

Sundays are usually days to just relax, Arvid calls his family and then the rest of the day we either plan a trip/mini vacation or just something just for us.  Always there is Soccer.  Lately we have not done much planning of any kind.  We have actually cancelled a few trips we had due to everything that has been going on. 

One of the best outings Arvid and I have is on Sundays.  He says he likes it because it's just him and I, a good meal and some pretty scenery.  Arvid is very peculiar when we eat out.  He prefers it quiet and with no "babble" as he calls it.  He is not one for loud conversations at anytime especially during mealtime.

Today will be the first Sunday in a long while we will be able to have our outing.  Arvid is like a kid looking forward to this.  We have all been "cooped" up it seems for too long and it's now time to get back into doing a few things we enjoy.

Yesterday was a very good day as well.  We visited friends.  After that I drove us by the beach a bit then it was back home.  Being such a beautiful day decided to go to the pool.

We relaxed, I read a little and we just got some much needed sun.  We live in Florida and we almost never go to the pool.  We NEVER go to the beach and we never sit out in the sun.  Whereas all the "foreigners/tourists" are always sunning and they are always tanned.  I like the warmth, but I do not care to sit and cook in the sun.  I have seen the damage it has done to people, and I understand when others visit they come from the cold and would love to get as much sun/tan as possible.  It is always something they can ho back home and brag about.  A tan in winter.  Cool!  

Soon everyone will be awake.   Today promises to be another beautiful day and it is extra special because both Arvid and Brutus are feeling better and live is slowly getting back to "normal" here.  Hmmm... maybe it's time to plan something?  Maybe a little too early yet, the doctor said no trips for now so for now we have to listen.  I'm happy with this!

Wishing you all a good day.  Today and everyday!

The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are, and not who people think you are...