Jan 19, 2013

Not Normal...

Every child is innocent and every child should be given a proper childhood which would result in having a fighting chance in life. Not having proper parenting and coaching guidance in their corner they only stand to hurt and be hurt and overall be knocked out very early in life. A child's hardest thing to learn in life is learning good manners, strong values, respect and a good attitude without seeing any. Kids learn by example, its natural, they just do. Kids will automatically do what they are taught, but teaching doesn't come through words alone. 'Do as I say, not as I do' doesn't mean a thing. They watch how adults around them act and they learn to act that way as well.  As that adult in their lives it's up to you to set values and examples...

Where do we draw the line here?  As I have mentioned before we like condo living.  We have done the house thing, but always comeback to the condo lifestyle.  For us the advantages more than make up for the disadvantages until this recent ongoing occurrence.

Not so long ago, maybe less than a month a new family moved into the building exactly on our floor.
Fairly young couple with two beautiful children between the ages of 9 and 11 I believe.  

Arvid is very particular.  His hearing is extremely sensitive.  He hears everything and like Brutus all noises disturb him especially if those noises are right outside of your window before 7am.

This family with the young children pass by our bedroom every morning.  The kids, scream as they run towards the elevator. Sounds like a herd of elephants if you ask me.  This has now been going on since the beginning of the year.

Unfortunately, we have not done anything about it because we were also dealing with our own issues, Arvid's and Brutus' surgery.  I had no time to talk to the neighbors regarding this, but that never stopped Arvid from getting upset everyday and spooking the life out of Brutus who just also had surgery.  Every time the kids passed and screamed Brutus was all scared and nervous.  Hardly slept at all.

Yesterday morning as I was awake with Brutus, same thing happened.  Screaming and running like elephant right outside our door.  I opened the door and saw that the father was with the kids.  I nicely told him if it was possible for his kids to walk instead of running and if he could tell them not to scream especially since it was still very early and Arvid was sleeping.

The father looked at me like as if I were some creature from another planet and did not say a thing.  I looked right back at him and said, "did you understand me?"  Unfortunately, the elevator came at that moment and they left.
A little after 8am I was coming home with Brutus from the vet.  Who do I meet next to the elevator?  Yep! The father.  At that time I asked him again if  it was possible he could tell his kids to not scream and run as they go towards the elevator.  Again he looks at me, but this time he says, "why?"

What kind of a dumb question is that?  I said, what do you mean by why?  I also said it is just common courtesy and respect to teach your children how to behave and how to be respectful of others.  He kept looking at me and again said, "why?"

Finally I said, "do you understand English?"  I mean our conversation so far was in English.  The man just had this dumb look on him.  You know me.  I was mad so I started to speak in Spanish now.  He looked at me like I was growing extra heads or something.  Then said,"I don't speak Spanish."

 I just could not understand why parents cannot teach their children that it is wrong to do certain things.  Living in a condo is different than a house.  Here we have rules and regulations and for sure running and screaming early in the morning as you pass your neighbors door was unacceptable.

I mean that's my way of thinking.  The man said they are kids and this is what they do.  I said, "does this look like a zoo?"  Then he said, "are you calling my kids animals?"  I said not necessarily, but their behaviour does not reflect good on the way you bring them up.   I also told him that if they needed to run and scream there are many parks nearby.  No one minds and they can do whatever they like there.

Well, let's say this did not sit well with either parent.  My whole point was for them to be respectful of others.  Their thing is this is what kids do. I said I don't think so.  I believe that parents should teach their children boundaries and to have respect for others.

Why is it that some parents have such a difficult time teaching their children that there are others that also matter and not just them?

Dont be afraid to stand up for yourself, you should speak up even if you dont get the answer you were looking for; its the fact that you said something that matters...