Jan 4, 2013


Being fearless isn't being 100% not fearful, it's being terrified and jumping anyway..

Friday January 4th 6am:  
not happy
Brutus has been awake for a few hours meowing and meowing.  I am awake with him trying to keep him quiet from waking up Arvid and to comfort him.  You see today at 8:20 we will be dropping him off at the vet for surgery.

Yesterday Arvid and I took him to a new vet.  After these last few weeks, Brutus as you can imagine is not the coolest/bravest of kitties anymore when at the doctors office.  Surprisingly, with the new doctor he was very calm and relaxed and it was as if e knew the doctor was trying to help him.  In his own way Brutus was saying that he was ready to do whatever it takes to get better again.  Of course he had no shots.  
After a brief exam, it was decided that the best option was surgery.  We agreed and opted for the first available opening.  That is today.  After blood work we brought him home and we were told nothing to eat after 8pm last night and nothing to drink.

Now Brutus is crying, he's hungry and he's thirsty and we can't give him anything.  Very heart wrenching to see him go to is food spot and find no bowl with food.  Then he goes to his water spot and same thing.
Again the meowing and meowing.  Just like a baby.  He's hungry and he's crying.

It's soon 8am.  Arvid and I are almost ready to drop Brutus off to the doctors office.  We will not know anything until noon and we will not be able to bring him home until after 3pm.
We just dropped him off at the doctor's office.  Very sad for both of us, but we hope this will be for the best.
Between Arvid and Brutus it seems the doctors office is our second home:)
Without Brutus here our home is empty. 
Not the same without Brutus.
time to go

For us it is going to be a very long day.
Hope you all have a better day than what awaits us.  Hopefully, this will make Brutus all better again.

The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into our company, pets we allow into our solitude.