Jan 8, 2013

Better Days Ahead...

No one can feel as helpless as the spouse of a sick loved one....

Monday 1:50 pm: Still in the waiting room, waiting for Arvid to recover enough so that we can go home.   I did manage to have a sneak peak at him for about 15 minutes before the nurses realized that I should not be there.

Arvid opened his eyes, looked at me and said, "my dear I love you and you are the best thing to happen to me."  For a second he was quiet then he asked why there was so much noise all around him.

I looked at him and laughed because this is my Arvid and he was going to be OK.  Right now he is in some pain.  Understandable, but once I get him  away from here and home I will get him some pain medication and will hope to keep him as comfy as possible.  Always a challenge with him.

Seeing someone you love hooked up to all kinds of wires is a bit scary.  It reminded me of when my dad had open heart surgery many years ago.  An image that stays with you forever.

Seeing Arvid helpless is not something I am used to.  He looked so vulnerable and so tired.  I love this man and I am just happy everything went well.  Now it's time to take it easy and to relax for a few days....according to the doctor he needs at least a month for full recovery.  Knowing Arvid, I hope to at least have a week.

As the nurses tried to get me to leave Arvid held on to my hand and said, "don't leave I want you to stay with me for as long as you can."  I did but finally I had to walk out and let the nurses do their jobs.

2:15pm Monday:
Still waiting.  No one is coming to get me.  Starting to get upset.  I think I will just know and go right back in.  I know Arvid is resting because they gave him some pain medication, but I need to be by his side.

2:45 pm after not hearing from anyone I decide to just go and check on my own and see what going on.  I was told he was moved.  Why didn't they tell me??

Anyway I find him in another waiting room.  Crabby as hell.  First thing, "I have been calling you and looking all, over the place for you."  Here he was half awake and yet he manages to protest.  I can see a few difficult days ahead. 
The nurse gave him some crackers.  Nope can't eat them because she touched it.   She gave him a pain killer he almost refused to take it for the same reason.  Pain won and he took it.  Anytime the nurse tried to get him to do something he protested.  Refused her help, and would not let anyone but me assist him.  The nurse finally gave up and said, "I think he is really dependent on you." 
4:00pm Monday 
Still in the hospital. Can't leave until Arvid uses the toilet. This an take a few more hours. 

Home by 5 pm and then it was time for me to run and fill the prescriptions.  Back by 5:45 pm time to make dinner, re bandage Brutus' paw and clean up.  Though it was a very long day it was a good day.  Hopefully now Arvid will fell better and so will Brutus. From here on hopefully, it's back to good times and better days for us.
Some TV and a hot shower to end the day.  Not bad.
Tuesday am:  
Both Arvid and Brutus had a good night and Brutus was not awake until 6:30. 
Unfortunately, Brutus' paw seems infected and will be taking him to the vet.
Hope your day was good and wishing that each day is better than the last.

Remember, love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own. 

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. ..