Aug 7, 2013


Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything.
Its the time we spent together that matters.  Not how we left...

It is with mixed motions that we leave Chicago today.  Our home is not ours
anymore and though I know we will come back it will be different.
Different can also be very good.  We have had so many beautiful
moments here in Chicago, memories that will forever be cherished 
always be a part of our lives.

Of the many place we have lived, I have never really had an attachment
to them.  They were comfortable, and very nice, but for some reason
we developed an attachment to our place in Chicago.  The city
is unbelievably beautiful.

The park is just a few minutes walk from us and what an amazing sight.
Both Arvid, Brutus and I are ready to leave.  Both Arvid and I are sad also.
This has been one of the best times in our lives.  Life here was always
relaxed and easy going.  Never any stress.

  Best of all there is ALWAYS something to do and something going on.

Yes, though we are ready to leave, saying goodbye will be difficult.

Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean, "I will miss you"
until we meet again...