Aug 2, 2013

Looking Empty....

Just because you will miss something in your life does not mean
you need it in your life.  Missing is just a part of moving on...

Sitting here just looking out and feeling a little sad that we are only going to be 
here for a few more days.  What used to be a very full apartment all of a sudden
 is completely empty.  Both Arvid and I are quite sad right now.

This is what the apartment looked before the move started taking place.  
I am already missing Chicago and the life we had here. 

This is what the apartment looks like as of right now.  In a few days my desk
will also be gone.  Used to be in the bedroom, but for the last few days
it is now in the living room.

Even Brutus seems to wonder what's going on.
There are none of his favorite bar stools to sit on, which as you can see
was one of his many favorite spots.  Arvid and I have had some good times
around the bar, both on our own and with friends, so parting with it
was kinda sad, but as Arvid says, "let's move on"

The day stared out pretty cloudy, then it turned around into a beautiful
one.  The evening was spectacular and as usual at 9:30pm every
Wednesday night there were fireworks.  Same as on every Saturday nights...

Yes, Chicago is beautiful and I am already missing it!

Wishing you all best of times always.

The best of times is now...