Aug 27, 2013

One Of Those Days....

I am having one of those approach with caution days..
consider yourself warned...

Living in Florida dark skies, thunder and lightning are nothing unusual especially in
 the summer months.  Over the weekend we were out and most of the time there
was lightning flashing in the sky.  I thought it was a pretty interesting sight.

I did manage to snag a few pictures as we were leaving, but with Arvid that
is not the easiest of chores.  He does not see why I need to get a picture
of lightning flashing.  Rather than explain the why to him, I decided it was 
best we left. After all, "you don't want want to be struck by lightning" said Arvid.

Guess he has a point there.  Yesterday was spent catching up on bookkeeping.
Something that was a bit neglected while we were in Chicago.  Making the numbers add
up was a little of a challenge and though I still have some more matching up
to do, I am slowly getting organized again.  

As for Brutus, well it's really hard to tell what's going on.  When we came
back home to Florida it seemed as if things were heading in the right direction.
His swelling had gone down, though he was still not healed.
Now the last few days, it has started to look bad again.  The bottom of his paw
is again bloody.  He takes his medicines daily and while in Chicago it
was helping.  Now I am starting to think that there may be something
in our home that is causing him to get worse.  He is so good.  He just 
lays as I wrap a warm cloth around his paw.  Seems he knows it's for his own good.

After finding a Pharmacy that can make his medicine, I was a little more optimistic.
Always hoping for the best for him.  Both Arvid and I are constantly making 
sure he does nothing to hurt himself more than necessary.  Some days we get a little
 discouraged when we see his paw, but most days we are optimistic that it is helping him.

Yesterday was one of those days I was a bit down because of this.  Brutus was 
also a bit moped out as well.  Arvid always wanting to cheer me up suggested
we take a little trip this weekend to a place we really like called Isla Morada.

As of right now, I don't feel like going anywhere.  Not with Brutus like this.
Really do not wish for him to miss a single day of his medicines.

Another new day is here and another chance for things to go right.
Wishing you all a good day and remember to remind yourself,
"I will be grateful for this day"

After all, tomorrow is another day...