Aug 20, 2013


Everything is valuable only at two times;
 before getting it, and after losing it...

Sometimes a little reminder of what is really important can really make 
a big difference in our lives.

A lot of us (and I include myself) sometimes tend to forget the little things in life 
that are important.  We tend to think that everything else is so much more 
important without realizing we are missing out on some of life's best moments.

Every so often I try to stop what I am doing and to think of what really
is important, of the loved ones in my life and the precious time we
have together.  I also TRY to get Arvid to slow down from his hectic
agenda and do the same.  I keep reminding him that somethings are more
important than others, and while somethings can wait other things can't.
This I also tell to myself.

We all get caught up with our busy lives and schedules.
So much so that sometimes we forget the ones who really matter. 

To all of you have a great day and remember, everyone has
time if they care to make it.

There is a time in your life when you realize that the most important thing 
in your life is not money or good lifestyle but,  Respect, Love and my favorite, 
time spent with loved ones...