Aug 24, 2013

It's Saturday!!!!!

Welcome this morning with a smile.  Happy Saturday!
If you don't have a smile, I'll give you one of mine...

I don't recall ever seeing 3 digit temperature readings in Fort Lauderdale, that is until yesterday.

As usual Arvid and I were running around most of the day.  Staying busy
as he so likes to say.  Not having lived in Florida for the last 4 summers,
I find everyday to be too HOT and humid for me.   

As soon as you step out of the door of your apartment, you are already 
soaking wet.  For some reason, yesterday we were in and out of places more 
than other days.  Very nice when conditioners work so well.  Makes the heat bearable. 

You would think that in this heat we might cool down at the pool, but for 
some reason we rarely ever go to the pool when living in Florida.  In 
Chicago we went to the pool and hot tub at least three times a week.

Very strange indeed.  As for the beach, Arvid and I have not been there in over 10
years.  When we had a home in the Bahamas we went often to the beach and
we had a great time.  Why not in Florida?  No clue!

Heat or no heat, does not stop us from having a good time.  In fact, 
it makes for more fun to enjoy that cool tropical drink that comes with an umbrella!

Today promises to be another very warm day.  More running around,
and if not too worn out a little music in the evening.  Arvid has been trying
to get me to go and listen to music now for days, but I have not been 
in the mood.  Maybe today is the day.  Wishing you all a good day.

Stay cool in these very hot temperatures.  Stay hydrated and do try not to
turn into a prune as so many seem to enjoy doing when visiting hot Florida.
Very ugly sight and sure makes one look 20 years older.

Arvid still has a difficult time realizing that the sun does burn!

Wishing you all a very good day and remember,
leave nothing for tomorrow that you can do today.

Your life is a canvas, make sure you paint
yourself a whole lot of colorful days...