Jan 4, 2014


The crucial differences which distinguish human societies
and human beings are not biological.  They are cultural....

Many of us take a lot for granted.  We never stop t think of much more than what we know, 
what we see and what's familiar to us.  I include myself of course.

Then suddenly one day you see something like this.  
It seems funny all right, but this is life for many.

I am just happy to be living in a country where freedom is a given.  Maybe we take
it for granted, but that is only because it is the only way of life I know and the only
one i am willing to have.  Many are not so fortunate.  This picture is meant to be funny.
At the same time you can tell that there is a world of difference here.

Remember everyone,
there is very little 'of course' when it comes to custom.  
Enjoy your day and be patient with what is different from what you know.

Each man calls barbarism whatever is not his own practice...