Jan 23, 2014

Florida Greetings...

Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet...

Warm greetings to all my friends from the Sunshine State (Florida).  I know
that currently just about everywhere is going through a horrendous freeze.
My sisters are snowed in.  School has been cancelled and many others are
home without heat.  Not a very pleasant time right now.  That's for sure.

Here in Florida we have been having colder than normal temperatures, but
for most this is nothing compared to what is going on in their home towns.  Temperatures
here in Fort Lauderdale is in the 40F (4.4C)  For us this is absolutely COLD.

As each day passes we are looking forward to the warmth we are so used to, but 
it seems that will not be happening.  Every night we hear, "another cold front coming."

Even so like I mentioned, many are having it it much much worse.  This what
I am "complaining" about is a normal summer day for some.  

Looking forward to a very good day.  Cold yes, but nonetheless good.
For all my friends, bundle up, stay warm and as I keep telling my sisters,
hot chocolate all day long.  For sure Arvid is a true believer in this.  Keeps the body warm.
This is a reminder that here in Florida we still have it good.

May the light and freshness of this new day, bring in a sweet vibe in your life.
 Live the day, as if there is no tomorrow. And enjoy every moment, 
like there are no worries. I wish you a fragnant and beautiful day. 
Good Morning...