Jan 30, 2014


Wherever you go no matter what the weather, 
bring your own sunshine...

It's been popping up all over Facebook, of course from my Floridian friends.

Who am I to deny the truth?  While others are having horrible freezing temperatures
we here in Florida are sipping margaritas on the beach and getting a tan.

We are very lucky to have the warmth of the sun on us just about everyday,
and when we do have a few cold days it is an opportunity to "dress up"
in some winter clothes, winter boots and for a few days "complain" how cold it is.

Yes, we have it absolutely wonderful here in Florida.  Wish my sisters were here to 
enjoy this with us.  Fortunately my parents are and I am happy that at least this winter
they will be missing out the worst of this freezing weather.  Still have them here for another month!

It's Thursday, even though we expect some rain today, it's warm and at some point the sun is 
sure to reappear.  I have another doctors appointment, but in the big picture we are happy and we
 have  each other.  Together we can face anything and deal with just about everything.  
As Arvid always says to me, "it's good to be two."  With Arvid and Brutus it's always good.

Wishing everyone days of laughter, filled with love and happiness.
Remember just because things may not go your way right this moment does not
mean that this will always be the case.  Think and act positively and life will eventually
get tired of messing with you.  In the end the winner will be you!  That's how I face everyday!
Good morning everyone.  Whatever the day hold face it with a smile!

Always keep your face towards the sunshine 
and shadows will fall behind you...