Jan 31, 2014


Better days are just around the corner.
They are called Friday, Saturday and Sunday....

So very looking forward to the start of the weekend.  For us it half a day's
work today and them whatever else comes along is just pure fun times.

It has been a week of doctors and more doctors.  Today Friday I have "off" from
all of these appointments and Arvid and I look forward to having a good time together
with my parents.  They do enjoy going to Miami and that's exactly where we plan to go.

As for the rest, well it's the weekend.  Time to de-stress a little.  Come Monday
more tests and more doctors but for now...it time to have some fun.
In just a few more hours our weekend officially begins.

Have a good one friends and remember,
life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it!

You have to fight through some bad days
to earn the best days of your life...