Jan 22, 2014


You're special Helle.
People stand out for a lot of reasons, 
but you stand out for all the best reasons.
You're outstanding because you are you...

Sometimes when you really can use a smile it seems that fate is with you and sends you 
exactly what you need.  In my case it was an email from a little girl in Norway called Helle. 
 If you remember well, I have written about her before about her first trip with us the the Bahamas
 and how she captured my heart.  About Helle    To this day I think of her and I smile. 
 She is one of those that when they come into your life they made an impact and nothing 
nor no one will ever take it away.  Helle made me happy today and I'm still smiling.

After getting some not so pleasant news, it was a welcoming surprise to hear Arvid
saying to me, "Helle sent you an email"  I was HAPPY.  He said of course
it is in Norwegian but don't worry I will help with the translating.  I said don't worry 
about that just forward me the email and I will use Google Translate.  Thank you Google!

I translated the email and I will tell you I am still smiling.  There were tons of smiley faces.
I just love smiley faces.  Makes me happy.  He email started out like this"
You have to ask Arvid to translate this letter because its to much to write in English for me. SORRY L
etlatrof ammaM .kys ttilb rah 
ud ta gem  .ged dem arb rilb 
tla repåh geJSmilefjes  teG .noos llew
Now that alone is 

Now that alone is cuteness.  And it goes like this:
Jeg og mamma pleier å lese bloggen din en gang iblant. Jeg synes det du hadde skrevet o
m meg i desember var veldig koselig å lese. Jeg håper at vi kanskje sees snart. 

Mamma og pappa ser om vi kan få til en reise til FL og Bahamas i februar. 
Da blir også lillebror Magnus med.

 Så da får du hilst på han. Hvis vi ikke kommer i februar kommer vi i hvert fall en gang i 2014.

Her er det mye snø og – 10C* L.  I miss Bahamas, sunshine and Cocodimama beach, and you J
Jeg har begynt på turn og badminton og det er veldig gøy. På turninga skadet jeg foten min. 
Foten satte seg fast i fjærene på turnetrampolina . 
De voksne måtte dra ut fjæringa av foten min fordi den satt fast. Det var ikke så godt L
Har Kayla fortsatt alle hundene sine? 

Jeg har ikke glemt dem men husker ikke hva de het.Hvordan går det med foten til Brutus? . 
Brutus is very sweet.  Silje har begynt på dykkerskole. Hun skal til Afrika, Capp Verde i april for å dykke.
 Hvis Silje blir med til Bahamas kommer hun sikkert til å ta et par dykketurer der også. 
Så lenge du kan forsikre henne om at det ikke er hai J
Jeg synes du er og var veldig snill og søt når vi var sammen sist. 
Jeg gleder meg veldig til å se deg igjen.  And you have to learn me more English.
Skal hilse deg masse fra mamma, hun gleder seg også til å se deg igjen.
Hilser også fra Silje og pappa.
next time I’m going to write everything on english.
BIG HUG FROM HELLE J jeg må ha adressen deres,
 jeg skal sende deg noe i posten.
Alle hjemme sender deg gode tanker. 
Helle, is without doubt one of the sweetest, most lovable child I have ever met.  
I feel very fortunate to know her and to be liked by her.  I believe that wherever
life takes her, with her attitude, her kindness and her ability to show love; she will
never have problems.  At least when it comes to being loved it is easy to love her.  She is
one of a kind and I can't wait until the day she comes again to Florida and we get to spend 
some more time together.  Helle, Kayla still has all the dogs and they remember you 
and all your family.  Magnus will be very happy there and will love the blue waters the
same way you did and everyone else.  No sharks I promise you.  Hope your foot is healing. 

Helle sent me a collage of pictures.  Unfortunately I was not able to save many, but
the few I managed to keep are priceless.  I was very happy to hear from her. 
It made my day....Thank you Helle!
To all have a good day and who know maybe one day if you don't already have,
you will have your own little special Helle...like I do.
What are you grateful for today?


Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely. Also used the translator. Special little girl

The Irish said...

You are a lucky woman nadiya. She is precious and like Ivette... ; thank you G. translate