Jan 12, 2014

Another Good Day...

Kindness connects to who you are, 
while niceness connects to how you want to be seen...

Yesterday was quite an interesting day.  As usual we were running all over the place while 
returning at all times to Tamarac where my mom and dad are staying.  Our house in Tamarac 
has a couple of huge trees and they are slowly uprooting everything.  Finally we decided to
 have some guys come over and do some tree cutting.  As it happens the two men hired 
are Mexicans.  They do not speak much English.  Just enough to get along, 
but no problem there because Arvid left my dad in charge of them.
The tree was humongous, but these guys make it look easy.

My dad was in his element.  The guys showed up at 9:30. Arvid and I were not that far behind. 
 Within an hour we were also at the house.  By that time the guys had already started.  
Also my dad had already given them breakfast and lots of things to drink.

In the middle of this Arvid and I had some chores (as usual) to do before coming back to 
the house.  Also, my mom and I went to the Swap Shop for some fruit and vegetables.  
There we find all sorts of fruit we like and at very good prices.  We of course had 
our coconut and bought quite a lot of goodies to bring back home.

When we got there my dad was in the process of giving lunch to the guys again.  My dad is
 one of the kindest of people you would every meet.  He has a heart of gold and
 at times people take advantage of him.  When Arvid saw my dad in traction he just 
said, " well I will just relax and your dad seems to have every time under control."  
And he did.  The guys were fed well.  It honestly believe they may have gained 
an extra pound or two today.   Even with all the feeding they were fast, 
efficient and very organized in doing their job.  All parties satisfied to a job well done.

My dad even managed to give away a some of the wood to neighbors.
 Good thing because it means less for us to haul away.  My dad is special. 
He has a way with people and people no matter where they are from always like him.

After spending time with my parents, Arvid and I had a nice drive along the 
beach.  was the perfect day for that, and as usual we saw many interesting people
and the waves were kicking.  I said to Arvid, "maybe now we can go and swim
once in a while in the ocean?"  "Nope" is all he said!

Have a good day everyone, and remember to
always enjoy the little things in life.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's this: We all want everything to be okay.
 We don't even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. 
We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough...