Jan 9, 2014


Sisters walk together through life, through death, through common 
bonds and sad farewells. They become aunts and great aunts to 
each others children and grandchildren.
 They watch each other grow older, struggle, and succeed...

I was not fortunate to have children, but I sure am fortunate to have four wonderful nieces.
 To me they are like my daughters and every chance I get to see them is always
 something I look forward to.  They all know that I will do anything and everything for them.
 Now I also have Aleah whom I also love the way I love my nieces.  She I will also do anything for.

I have been very lucky to be able to see them grow from babies to beautiful young women.
  The tiniest Lilly Vade is still a baby and I look forward to also seeing her grow
and become her own person also.

Each and everyone is different, but each and everyone is special and unique in their own way.
 I feel very lucky to be loved by these four girls. There is nothing I would not do for them...

One correction.  The tiniest is now Aleah.

Those of you who have daughters (children), cherish them.
They are special gifts given to you. 
A daughter is a gift of love. 
Have a good day everyone.

There are many ways to be a mother. I have a lot of young people I mentor, 
and my nieces and my nephews need a lot of love. Now add Aleah in the mix. 
Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, make you happy 
is my duty, and loving you is my life...