Jan 25, 2014

And Here We Go Again...

Normal is an illusion.
What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly...

What started out as a "normal" day yesterday suddenly took a little twist.  At exactly
9 am I felt a sudden pain to my lower abdominal area and I said to Arvid "something
is not right.  I think I may need to go to the emergency room."  Another thing one should know
about me, I do not exaggerate, but on the other hand I do like to picture the worst case 
scenario and go from there always hoping for it to be the best case scenario.

Arvid being Arvid gave his standard take on this.  "You pulled a muscle." I looked
at him and just said, "I don't think so" and continued to carry on as usual, but with the 
pain getting worse by the minute.  Last year when Arvid was experiencing pain that led to 
him having hernia surgery this is what he said, "I pulled a muscle."  When he described
the pain to me some 5 months before surgery this is what I said, "you have a hernia and
you need surgery."  Anyway, I think I know my body and when something is not right.

We continued doing our usual chores during the day. Now that Brutus Shipping is back
in business we often have to go to the warehouse and receive cars, bike and other items
depending on circumstances.  Yesterday we were doing that when I just knew it was
not normal the pain I was having.  I said to Arvid, "now I have to go to the ER."  Once
again I saw the anguish in his eyes.  Twice in less than two weeks I have made Arvid sad.

Twice he has had to call my parents with not so pleasant news.  Afterwards, my mom
told me how distraught and how very sad he was.  Said she has never heard Arvid so lost,
so not sure as to what to do next.  Yesterday she said when she asked him what's wrong with 
me all he kept saying was, "I don't know, I don't know.  Everywhere hurts her.  She's just 
in too much pain and I don't know what to do."  My Arvid is just the best and I love him so.

After X-Rays and CT Scans the doctors were unable to pinpoint the cause of my pain.
No kidney stones.  No ruptured appendix,  which were the two things I thought it could be.
Now to do more tests to figure out the reason for the pain.  Let me tell you I have never experienced
pain as horrific as this.  When it comes to a real emergency I am very calm and I don't 
panic, but when the pain came it was almost too much to handle.  Even I was about to 
scream.  I mean there was a lot of screaming going on and as Arvid told the nurse,
"these people don't seem to be in pain like my wife is"  Not gaining points here.  

Long story short.  More tests.  More scans.  More! More! But today I am feeling
better.  Yesterday we were supposed to have lunch with my parents.  As Arvid said,
"let's reschedule with your parents for next week.  Of course depending on if we are
not in the hospital."  The way things are you never know...

Hope your day is better than the ones I've been having.
Remember to savor every moment...

Where I am is not who I am.  Who I am, is not where I am.
Keep smiling and one day life will get tired of upsetting you...