Sep 3, 2015

Busy Day...

Life is like a bicycle.  To keep your balance you must  keep moving...

I spent most of yesterday's morning catching up on mail.  Paying bills and organizing 
paperwork.  Was happy to have accomplished quite a bit and finally to get rid of 
tons of crap and clean up my work area a little.  Before 10 am I had already
 spoken twice to Arvid.  Guess he either misses me a lot or is bored.
I know tat we are missing him very much.  Miss his laughter.

Went to the vet to pick up medication for Brutus. Already I can see improvement on his 
appetite.  This has eased some of the stress I have  even having also I can see his 
paw is starting to heal.  At least it is drying up a little. No more oozing. 
 The thing is, I can make Brutus better.  All I need to do is not 
go anywhere.  Not always possible, but when it is 
then Brutus is always going to be well.

The morning was pretty stormy.  It poured for hours.  On and off of course.  Then suddenly
 there would be this extremely loud sound of thunder and lightening.  Somehow 
Brutus was not scared through this.  Arvid thought him well.  Took months of practice, 
but now Brutus recognizes the sound of thunder and does not take off as
 a bat out of hell.  Does help that I was right next to him petting him.

Yesterday I went to a new place for dinner with Liliana.  At he suggestion we went to a 
place called Miyato.  It is a Buffet.  Fairly new place in Pompano according to Liliana. 

Specializing in Sushi, seafood and Hibachi Grille.   It was not bad.  Pretty good 
selection of seafood and if you are a Sushi lover then you will not be disappointed.

  As for Sushi I am just the vegetarian type.  The best part of this was the company.  
We had a few hours of good laughs and we actually learnt a little more
 about each other.  Very nice evening.  Afterwards we sat by the pool 
and enjoyed some more of each others company.  Perfect time.

Once back in the apartment, Brutus got his evening pill.  Was not happy at all.
I sat out a little on the balcony, missing Arvid.  Was too hoot so did not stay out too long.

A little TV, some reading and talking to Arvid before going to 
bed made for a very good day.  Still I'm missing Arvid.

Positive mind.  Positive vibes.  Positive life...